Vol. III

by Port Of Saints

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released July 28, 2014

Erik Lindo: Electric, Acoustic, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Organ, Bass, Vocals
Tom Vigebo: Electric, Acoustic, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Percussion, Backing Vocals



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Port Of Saints Kingdom of Norway

2014 and onwards-

Port Of Saints is created by the young and promising Erik Lindo and Tom Vigebo, the true visionaries of Southern-Norway coastline.

In the span of the summer of 2014 the duo produced and released three full length album inspired by different kinds of folk rock n' roll. In early 2016 they released a brand new single, still keeping the true vision fresh and flattering
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Track Name: A Great Year
Stagger through the streets
Oh god, aint it neat?
Said you saw my spine
Threw it in the trash somewhere
Never asked for it again
Think it went off to some great sea
Just to be alone

Slowly drowning in a puddle
Aint it grand
My lungs fill up with water
Also seep into my hands
When theres no good settle
Old dog smiles
Said he wanted the walls painted yellow
Well, they made em green

Sick of studying the mountains
Sick of studying the sea
But nothing that sleep cant take away
Yes, i spend my hours resting
Theres a change in the core
I stopped doing my chores
How i pity the hopeful
When theres no hope at all

A kiss on the teeth
Theres blood on my sleeve
Dead birds in a pile
These things take a while
Some things take time
These things take a while
Some things take time
Track Name: Little Charcoal House
I've been no good to you
I'm calling from Atlanta like the coward i am
Far, far from the sixty five O
Far, far where no one knows

I have made you all blue
Many times over, and beyond my control
You must see it so strange
But i don't think i'll ever change

You're gonna make it all through
You're all grown up and not dependent on praise
You cave so proud like you've always done
And I don't know where it's coming from

I won't come around
I'll be sleepin in my little charcoal house
I'll spare you the day i break down and turn
I'll spare you my name, i'll spare you the burn
Track Name: Tio Smiles
No shoes when i walk, no shirt when i talk
Gave me a letter soaked in morphine
I was told to keep it safe from harm
While he kept clean

No letters, no knifes, no guns of right size
Hooves will trample the unlucky soul
All of my bets are set in stone
When baby runs, baby runs to the bone

The bone is often seen in between
The blood is thick, you can mix it with whiskey
The liqour she sung was found in her blood
My baby runs to her bone

I'm five feet deep, not six feet deep
With my body and soul for the devil to keep

You may be fast, but here you go last
Your boots a-kickin the sun
The old white stripes seem to ignite
She set herself on a-fire

Looks like this time I'll pour out my wine
For my friend that lies in the grave
Saddle down, saddle up, She never won my dime
Now I am forever poor
Track Name: Dep.
I am the last ringer of my mother's words
Ah, deep, stray Georgia ain't gonna do you no good
What a shame, trampled in the dirt

My roof holds a murder of sinister birds
But i knew all that a long time ago
A name, i've had from birth

I am Jack, the good, the bad
I've kept the peace that we never have had
Whatever aces have never been mine

Can't say much, though, i've had my chance
But only a fool would give his feet for Tennessee
Or his pride overseas

So i've settled myself along the two-six O'
Next house lives Mo, a charming drunk
And I sleep moderate

I watch Mo from my humble porch
Beatin spoonfed nuts with a haystack fork
Ain't gonna do nothin'

They walk with their skulls on corked on top
And their borders circling their feet
We never meet, except on work

Where i shove, and drag, and kick them around
Lights off, not making a sound
All the way down the pits I'm sure I'm meant for

And likewise on this very fatefull day
Finding a punk passed out in barn hay
Oh well, It's my job i say, and push

And wouldn't you know, looming like a crow
There's good ol' Mo, with an all loaded gun
And he's gonna fire

Flash, bang, shot down by a man that i always loved
Covering a junkie sleepin' dead on the floor
Nerves aching to my very core

Lord and saviour, it hurt so bad
Must have been the only pain I've ever had
Rollin' around clinging to my chest

"Why would you? Have you gone insane?" i say
He flips his pipe, "You may just have been of 'em
With that hole in your gut

I look down and, damn, he's right
Hole on hole on hole on hole
Might have been from the gunshot though

I bend to the dust like a bootkicked dog
And the fog, and the dark log to the barn
There's a bark from Mo, he laughs

So on this fatefull day i utter these fatefull words
Like the birds always do
"Hey, Mo, fuck if I ever again do a favour for you"
Track Name: You Can't Steal The Heart Of A Traveling Man
I once knew a man like you
He was killed by a nailbomb
Borderline Shanghai

It once made me break down and cry
Now i don't even remember his name

Cause you can't steal the heart of a travelin' man

I once hade a woman too
Steppin' the countryside
Inbetween waters

We never had no sons and daughters
And she soon jumped a train

Cause you can't steal the heart of a travelin' man

I had a many holy temples
And more sacred shrines
Long, long gone

Now it just pendles off an on
And i drift between the ghastlies

Cause you can't steal the heart of a travelin' man

I've been to Baltimore east
And to deep Bhutan
All along the moon

Well, I think i might go to sleep soon
Before i rip it all apart

Cause you can't steal the heart of a travelin' man
Track Name: Moonshiner
I've been a moonshiner,
For seventeen long years,
I've spent all my money,
On whiskey and beer,
I go to some hollow,
And sit at my still
And if whiskey don't kill me,
Then I don't know what will,

I go to some bar room,
And drink with my friends,
Where the women can't follow,
And see what I spend,
God bless them pretty women,
I wish they was mine,
Their breath is as sweet as,
The dew on the vine,

Let me eat when I am starvin
Let me drink when I am dry,
A dollar when I am hard up,
Jesus when I die,
The whole world's a bottle,
And life's but a dram,
When the bottle gets empty,
It sure as hell ain't worth a damn.
Track Name: Pinwheel Forever
Can't leave you all alone
Im gonna take you with me when i go
Sleepin' in my travelin' bag

We'll meet at the coffehouse
Rolling, ramblin' freewheelin down the road
From this godforsaken place

I was born under all these bricks
Among cigarettes and spilt wine
Hurt like hell too

Fed me sirup and hypnotics
Because i never saw the sea
Should've seen a doctor

Been the only kid in town
Oh, for so fucking long
Staring out in bland space

It didn't help the Browns
It never helped the Allens
Nor the outlaws or the park drunks

And my momma and my daddy too
had some trouble with the neighbours
Never really came around

I worked a dime all day
Put the nails in our poor house
God damn, that summer

Can't leave you all alone
Im gonna take you with me when i go
From this godforsaken place
Track Name: Derroll West
I wont give you life
I wont make a sound
Hang my clothes up high to see
All i ever do is dream
Oh, i had this dream
I was covered in shit
And babe you were covered in it too
It sounds dumb

I stepped on a flag today
Stepped on a frog too
The flag just got dirty
But the frog died

I might shave
Bandage my wrists or be more well behaved
Theres a lake ive been meaning to swin in
In the lake there are always ducks
They live there, they rest there
And if i tried i could maybe find a friend

Theres on number i alway skip
And if i count to one hundred then i let that one slip

The gloves alway comes in even numbers
Choking till you get even number