Of The House Fire Erotics​/​Trying To Be Patient

by Port Of Saints

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In february 2015 Port Of Saints went to a cabin in the woods of southern Norway to record what was to be their fourth full album. The recording dissolved into a frenzy of alcohol and fist fights. A final argument had Vigebo breaking Lindoes nose after having thrown his fiddle in the fireplace. The duo went back to their separate lives and never released the album. Songwriting rights and mixing of the record were said to be the reasons.

The songs on this single were written in the aftermath of the unreleased record and are now being revisited for the first Port Of Saints release since Volume 3 from 2014. "Of The House Fire Erotics" and "Trying To Be Patient" were recorded on new years day 2016 and with a start like this, 2016 might be the bands best year yet. Atleast they`ve quit drinking for now.


released January 14, 2016

Erik Lindoe - vocals, 12 string acoustic, electric guitar, bass, synth, field recording, drums, mixing and mastering.

Tom Vigebo - vocals, 12 string acoustic and electric guitar

Artwork by Port Of Saints

Produced by Port Of Saints



all rights reserved


Port Of Saints Kingdom of Norway

2014 and onwards-

Port Of Saints is created by the young and promising Erik Lindo and Tom Vigebo, the true visionaries of Southern-Norway coastline.

In the span of the summer of 2014 the duo produced and released three full length album inspired by different kinds of folk rock n' roll. In early 2016 they released a brand new single, still keeping the true vision fresh and flattering
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Track Name: Of The House Fire Erotics
Flying off and you know it's your turn
Stacked cards like kingdom come
What's love if it's not in your hands
What's the night if it doesn't turn you on

In my sleep I dreamt I was dancing
In the valley of the animal kind
Far out of reach of the high sun's shadow
Tasting the honey, the sweet and fine

And the fever of the morning
Makes it so hard to wake
Just one more way of saying
I don't think I'll stay

Not to see the things I have broken
It's hard to please the people I've hurt
In the fire of tired ambition
Chasing dogs with my face in the dirt
Track Name: Trying To Be Patient
Words make up for all the places we havent gone
And as i said some time back, i don`t mind
Yeah it's alright and it's okay
Put a pin in what you wanted to say
So it alright and its okay
This is the time to be bored

We spend our time throwing up
Spend our time growing up

The kid is like a swimmer on the brink of exhaustion
His body just waiting for the right sign
While we wait for the right time, which is the night time
We drink in the meantime
Yeah and we smoked the peace pipe
Ended up as friends, but it was mostly just to be nice
It`s a dissapointing high, when you`re the only one stoned on the last bus home

We spend our time growing up
Spend our time throwing up

And the sign at the beach says, something bout never standing too close to your window

Eyes at the coast, the rising tide
Trying to keep warm in this horrid cold