Vol. II

by Port Of Saints

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These are the remains of the songs recorded by Port of Saints in the summer of 14'. Many of the tracks were either destroyed or badly damaged in a flood on the recording location.


released July 11, 2014

Erik Lindo: Vocals, Organ, Acoustic, Electric & 12 String Guitar, Bass, Glockenspiel, Percussion,
Tom Vigebo: Acoustic, Electric, Slide & 12 String Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Banjo, Organ, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Field Recorder



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Port Of Saints Kingdom of Norway

2014 and onwards-

Port Of Saints is created by the young and promising Erik Lindo and Tom Vigebo, the true visionaries of Southern-Norway coastline.

In the span of the summer of 2014 the duo produced and released three full length album inspired by different kinds of folk rock n' roll. In early 2016 they released a brand new single, still keeping the true vision fresh and flattering
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Track Name: Gas From A Burner
Children's choir sings
Over a pile of dead hipsters
While the king of the plain
Sells sex in the papers

Oh lord, i have no part in this

I sleep in the garden
Oh, how i love those little ants
Their wretched faces
And their pathetic purposes

Oh lord, and all that's his

Pass the wine, honey
Others too need the sleep
We're not the only ones in terrible pain
But we sure can feel it too

Oh lord, this house you built us

Burn on the flame
They feel better in groups
But in some of these places
It's better to just be alone

Oh lord, deep in the furnace
Track Name: Wilson's Creek
Well, August tenth was the worst day that i've ever spent
I had crawled in mud before, but never among so many dead
Back there we never had a future, we didn't stand a chance
But out here our odds are even worse

Been a long time coming
We're all bound to die, but no one...

Don't get your hopes up, I've been dreamin of some very far places
There I`ll learn my ways, sure as hell can't learn a god damn thing here
We've got roads to walk down shadows to follow
Some are meant for greater things so i guess the fields we die in will be hallowed ground

Been a long time coming
We're all bound to die, but no one...
Track Name: Who's Gonna Let The End Come?
Should've been somebody else
Ain't good for nothin round here
You talk like the gears are still runnin
I talk like i never really cared

I hear holy ground bells
I see raven black spheres
Doesn't concern me much
Must be real livin to care

Must be one hell of man
To build a world of steel and dust
And live there like a king

Should've been somebody else
I could have raised great wonders
Over the bugs that creep underground
And the dirt that seeps down under

I hear electric wood
I see it dim and yonder
Who's gonna let the end come?
And put me down under?
Track Name: I Sing The Almighty Bum
Think I'm gonna buy me a rain coat
Though it dont ever rain here
Think I'm gonna give all my savings to charity
Though I am a walking charity myself
Think I'm gonna starve myself this week
Though I've been hungry since the last
Put on my shoes and went outside
This day is wasted on me

I'm gonna walk till this day isnt wasted
I'm gonna walk till I find what it is I need to find
Cross creaks. rivers and roads
Cross oceans and mountains too

He is so high and i am so low
But no despair is ever felt
I know this tale so well, read it in a book
That i’ll be holy and i’ll be saved
The almighty bum lives forever
The almighty bum can do anything he wants
He can outrun a freight train swin faster than a ship
He can even walk alongside jesus christ

Now im running from some cops
With stolen purses in my hands
They`ll never outrun me
Round the block, think this is my chance
Run into an alley and climb a fence
But I cant cause my goods are too heavy
Gonna have to swing at the cops
Swing with all i’ve got
They must have been trained for this
And they slam me down
What a lonely life i live

I'm gonna walk till this day isnt wasted
I'm gonna walk till i find what i need to find
Coss creaks, rivers and roads
Oceans and mountains too
I am the almighty bum
And i walk where i want
I can even walk with him
Track Name: Big Medicine
Oh, the pines here drift
For all that I've missed
Swinging so low and numbers they go
The house was a moving despite standing still
And i count my two troubles
I count my one sorrow

Waves of paper sand and a shaker
I count my two troubles, i count my one sorrow

Big medicine king, for all that I've sinned
Big medicine king will come

The pills do you harm
At frasers farm
They'd mix you right in if they ever had chance
Oh, I'd sing you a song
But i don't have no tongue and my guts
They’re spread out on the floor

Bluebirds greet you with songs of despair
And i’ll pay you to shoot em if you ever og near
I count my two troubles, i count my one sorrow
Track Name: The Holes We Get Sick In
In the corner of my room
The white walls collide
I'm leanin' to one side
Trying to confide

The holes we get sick in
Surprise me sometimes

This town has nerves
And smooth, silky veins
Of childhood lanes
Not much really remains

The holes we get sick in
Surprise me sometimes
Track Name: Picture Of Marlene Brown
I've lost my house and mailbox
All that i ever knew
I even lost my blacktop
And my wife and kids too

Now I'm on my way
Way out of town
Good thing i still
Got my picture of Marlene Brown

I worked at the factory
By the riverside tracks
Stuck my hands in the conveyor belt
And my feet in the cracks

There i stood
Looking like a clown
Good thing i still
Got my picture of Marlene Brown

Know a man named Tony
Give him money on the side
Now I'm dust bowl broke
Just trying to hide

I know that Tony
He gonna hunt me down
Good thing i still
Got my picture of Marlene Brown

How I miss my porch
And my fifty dollar car
I'll never be happy again
When things are like they are

But i still remember
Her in her long, white gown
I will always inside
Have that picture of Marlene Brown
Track Name: Trouble Busting
Left a city street drunk
With a twenty mule team
And a seven thousand schemers in the sea

I've been a trouble bustin'

Left Betty Jane and Papa
With a whiskey and a stout
"He won't last a month" they say, but i have my doubts

Walk around like a monkey
Dragging its arms in the dirt
"Hell" he said, "You ain't that good as far as dirt goes"

I've been a trouble bustin'
Track Name: Galileo Race
We were born side by side
In a silent winter riptide
Where all the losers sleep and hide
And gluttons

Come rainstorm as you have yearly
For now they see your face clearly
You reek, you drag, you stand barely
You have spired this way

And come treasures as they pass through your street

Your this-time speech is well ingrained
It keeps you from going insane
You must have walked down every lane
There is

You trick well with your humble charm
Things that are never prooven harm
Greatest of all it keeps you warm
Don't it?

You have painted something so terribly bleak

In the end you are marooned
By yourself, a typical toon
Don't worry, though, it'll be over soon
We're all driftin'

Go out there, show your face
Since we're both in this race
I want you all over this place
Before we finish

It has all led up to this, hasn't it?
Track Name: I Stole
Whistling past the graveyard
And i aint got nothing to drink
Someone stole my whiskey
So i dont got nothing to drink
But it seems kinda fair in a way cause i stole myself

And i stole

Cities of the red night dissapear
Transported to some place i wouldnt ever dream to go near
Meet me at a fair
And please don't say the lights shine anywhere but here

I've been working on the railroad
Long before you came along
Substitute mind with steel
And dust with frozen tears
You can put em in a bowl
Or cut them into cubes
Suck on em or drink em mixed
With morning dew

Twenty five thousand shell shocked little
Creep crawl on me crawl on you
You could spray em away
But i dont want pay to kill
I want it to be free
Had a dog his name was Bill
Shot him dead cause he was free to kill
Track Name: Polka-Dot Bedroom Carpet
It's been a long time coming
Been a long time coming for you
And you've known a long time, baby
There's nothing you can do

This polka-dot bedroom carpet
Is gonna lose its touch anyway

It's been a long September
Ain't nothing good for me
It's gonna be a long winter, baby
Longest there ever be